ACES Non-Governmental Server Certificate


  • Federal Bridge Cross-signed SSL/Server Certificates.
  • Identifies your server to human users and/or other servers
  • Encrypts machine-to-machine communications

This site will help you obtain a digital certificate for your web server. We have set up a very straightforward process and tailored the procedures to get you up and running quickly.
We have broken the process out into 5 simple steps (Note: Step 5 is post request):

An ACES Representative Identity Certificate is used by a person to authenticate to a PKI-enabled application, such as a secure web site. Identity certificates may be used for non-repudiation purposes, i.e., transactions that have been signed by an identity certificate may be legally linked to the owner of that certificate. The certificate may also be used for secure and authenticated email.

An ACES Representative Encryption Certificate may be used for encrypting e-mail. When encrypting e-mail messages, the sender uses the certificate of the recipient(s), and the recipient decrypts the message using his or her private key. An encryption certificate cannot be issued for an individual without issuing a identity certificate for that individual first.

Steps to obtain your certificates

Proceed to Step 1 to read the requirements