You should now have a two-page request form. Please review the text on the forms before you go further on this page. You MUST have a form with the following text shown at the top of the first page:

ORC ACES Business Component/Server Certificate
You must take your request forms and the required identity documentation to a Notary or your AT&T LRA.

After you have your requests notarized

After you have had the identity verification performed by a Notary or your AT&T LRA, you must send the original, notarized request forms (no photocopies) to AT&T by the carrier of your choice (FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc).  Please send the request forms to:

AT&T Address coming soon.

Request forms may NOT be submitted to us by fax or email. You must also include copies of the required identity documentation as detailed on the verification page.

When your certificate is issued, you will receive an email that informs you that your certificate has been issued and provides a link to go retrieve your certificate.

Our emails may be mistaken for spam by your company’s spam filter. Please watch your spam/junk folder for any messages from an email address.  (You may wish to whitelist email from the ORC.COM domain.)