ACES Business Certificate Requirements

  • IMPORTANT: You must perform the online request for yourself, in your own name. You may NOT make an online request for another individual. This is grounds for immediate revocation of the certificate, and any fees paid will not be returned.
  • GSA-specific note: You should use your own email address (and it should match your address on file with GSA). Also note that we have been informed that GSA has a policy of “one user per email address”. If multiple individuals at your company intend to become ACES certificate holders, each person should use a different email address.
  • The ACES Certificate Policy requires that we issue your name in a specific format “Firstname MI Lastname (Suffix)”. This information must match the information on your current, government-issued photo ID that you present to the Notary Public/Registration Authority. GSA-specific note: If your name is currently listed in GSA’s records differently than how it is issued on your certificate, you must have your GSA Contracting Officer change the entry in GSA’s records. Your certificate can ONLY be issued using your legal name, in the format specified above, and will NOT be issued in a different way to match your GSA contract.
  • A workstation with a FIPS 140-1/2 Level 1 cryptographic compliant web browser is required. This includes Internet Explorer 5.5 and above and Firefox 1.5 and above. At this time, requests may only be made through Internet Explorer or Firefox. Do not attempt to make your request through other browsers, such as Google Chrome or Safari.
  • The computer, web browser, and network profile that you are now using must also be used to import your certificate after ORC issues it.
  • The ACES Certificate Policy requires all Subscribers to protect their certificate private keys with a password or PIN. During the online request process you will have an opportunity to assign a password to protect the certificate private key. ORC will not know this password; it is not sent out from your computer. If you forget your certificate password, you may be required to purchase a new certificate.

After reading the requirements above:

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