Renew a Certificate

SHA-256 algorithm certificates (Issued by ORC ACES 4) may be renewed, but SHA-1 algorithm ACES certificates (Issued by ORC ACES 3) may not be renewed.

If your certificate is eligible for renewal, click the “order renewal” button below to renew your certificate. To be eligible for renewal, your certificate must be within 30 days of expiration (but not yet expired) and must have SHA-256 keys. (If you are not sure, you may click the link to attempt to renew your certificate.)

If your certificate is not eligible for renewal, please use the “order new” button below to submit a request for a new ACES SHA-256 certificate.

Order Renewal

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ORC ACES certificates allow access to GSA eOffer, GSA eMod, DDTC DTrade, and all other sites that accept this type of certificate.