VPN IPsec Certificate Profile

Field VPN IPsec Certificate Value
Version V3 (2)
Serial Number Must be unique
Issuer Signature Algorithm sha-1WithRSAEncryption
Issuer Distinguished Name cn=ORC ACES <CA Name>, o=ORC PKI, c=US
Validity Period 2 years from date of issue
Subject Distinguished Name cn=<Host URL | IP Address | Host Name>, ou=<Department/Agency>, o=<Organization>, c=US
Subject Public Key Information 1024 bit RSA key modulus, rsaEncryption
Issuer Unique Identifier Not Present
Subject Unique Identifier Not Present
Issuer’s Signature sha-1WithRSAEncryption
Authority Key Identifier c=no; octet string
Subject Key Identifier c=no; octet string
Key Usage c=yes; digitalSignature
Extended Key Usage {}, {}, {}, {}, {}, {}
Private Key Usage Period Not Present
Certificate Policies c=no; {2 16 840 1 101 3 21 1 10}; optional: id-fpki-common-devices::={2 16 840 1 101 3 2 1 3 6}
Policy Mapping Not Present
Subject Alternative Name c=no; always present, Host URL | IP Address | Host Name | RFC822Name
Issuer Alternative Name Not Present
Subject Directory Attributes Not Present
Basic Constraints c=yes; cA=false
Name Constraints Not Present
Policy Constraints Not Present
Authority Information Access c=no; ocsp=http://eva.orc.com , caIssuers=ldap://aces-ds.orc.com/cn=ORC ACES <CA Name>, o=ORC PKI, c=US?cacertificate;binary,
CRL Distribution Points c=no; always present, {ldap://aces-ds.orc.com/cn=ORC ACES <CA Name>, o=ORC PKI, c=US?certificaterevocationlist;binary} {http://aces.orc.com/CRLs/<CAType>.crl}